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The 100th anniversary in Sweden

publication date: 2014/10/29

The 100th anniversary of Linds Flexo brought two companies together

The 100th anniversary celebrated in the autumn brings on a new upturn for the Swedish prepress company Linds Flexo, now stronger than ever. With about a hundred clients, partners, and staff representatives present, this milestone received its finishing touch when the company’s name was changed. The Finnish prepress company Marvaco Ltd bought Linds Flexo Ltd in August 2013, and starting from September, both companies will be known by the name of Marvaco.

Linds Flexo has its roots in a small engraving shop in the city of Helsingborg. In 1950’s, the shop expanded its product selection from handstamps to packaging printing. For decades, the company was responsible eg. for the printing plates of the tetra packages of the Tetra Pak company.

Mats Lind received the mantle of the company’s leader from his father in the late 1990’s. The clientele, even larger than before, learned to know Linds Flexo as a reliable and service-focused repro company.
As years went by, Lind noticed that the small company’s resources for growth and expansion were limited, motivating him to begin looking for partners in the Nordic region to realise his visions. Finally, conversations with Marvaco’s managing director Kai Lankinen showed that the views and values of the two companies did meet. Marvaco is a stable and well-organised company with interesting potential for growth, all of which appealed to Lind.
– Most of all, the competencies of Marvaco complement the competencies of the professionals at Linds Flexo, says Lind, now the managing director of Marvaco’s operations in Sweden.

The managing director of Marvaco, Kai Lankinen, says that the past year together with Linds Flexo has been thoroughly positive.
– Thanks to their considerable experience, the company excels at creating precise quality that receives praise from the clients.

The joint venture of the two companies made it the biggest flexo plate producer and the leading prepress company in the Nordic Countries and the joined companies offer the Nordic clientele a broader base than before. Kai Lankinen says that Marvaco will continue to take good care of the clients in both Finland and Sweden as well in Scandinavia. For companies planning exports or being local in Scandinavia, Marvaco offers a stronger partnership than before, both in terms of geography and language areas. The international awards the company has received with its clients show that the quality of the work is at the top of the field, even globally.

Marvaco is the biggest flexo plate producer and the leading prepress company with its 6 Esko CDIs and four locations in the Nordic region with more than 70 employees in Finland and Sweden, and it produces over 20,000 pieces of packaging artwork every year.

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