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Marvaco buys FlexoPartner

publication date: 2015/02/26

In the picture from the left: Kai Lankinen (MD), Marvaco Oy; Erik Rundqvist, Mats Johansson, Leif Backman (MD) FlexoPartner Ab; Mats Lind (MD), Marvaco Ab; Tomas Eriksson and PerArne Haglund, FlexoPartner Ab.

Marvaco continues to expand in Sweden and focuses on growth in the Nordic region

The Finnish-owned Marvaco, the largest packaging repro house in the Nordic region, increases its capacity and operations by buying FlexoPartner AB, who operates in Central Sweden and focuses on packaging repro.

FlexoPartner, operating in Sunne and in Örebro in Sweden with 13 employees, is a packaging repro house and manufacturer of flexo printing plates and laser engraved sleeves with a high level of competence and service. The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in the autumn of 2014.

Due to the acquisition, FlexoPartner AB will be a subsidiary of Marvaco AB, starting from 1 March, and previous owners and employees will participate in developing the company’s operations. Managing Director Leif Backman will continue to manage FlexoPartner AB, while Mats Lind will continue as the Managing Director of Marvaco AB and will be responsible for the group’s operations in Sweden.

“Marvaco is an esteemed and award-winning company and the industry’s leader in quality, that we know since many years. I believe that joining Marvaco offers us an opportunity to grow and refine our operations in Sweden, as well,” Leif Backman says.

“Our desire and need to better serve the brand and printing clients operating in the packaging industry in the Nordic region as well as the capacity increase is our reason for the investments. The acquisition strengthens Marvaco’s operations in Sweden, especially in the corrugated board industry and laser engraving. What FlexoPartner and Marvaco have in common is the leading quality in the industry and successful client co-operation,” states Kai Lankinen, Managing Director of Marvaco.

Herkko Mali, Brand Sales Director of Marvaco, is also happy with the growth of the company’s resources and ability to respond to big scale packaging artwork production challenges internationally. Marvaco’s services for brands have been well-received, and more and more collaboration partners are utilising Marvaco’s services in Scandinavia more extensively than ever before.

Mats Lind, the Managing Director in Sweden, is pleased that the aqcuisition and the increase in capacity supports and strengthens Marvaco’s operations. When two companies, sharing a long history joins the forces, it allows the group to offer sufficient capacity and high quality of services for all of Scandinavian packaging industry.

“The company has extensive resources for artwork production, modern Full HD equipment in flexo plate production, and competent technical customer service. The acquisition increases our development resources, and the co-operation between teams both expands our views and speeds up our reaction time to the service needs of clients,” Marko Valkamo, Production and Development Director of Marvaco, adds.

Early in the year, the company has invested in doubling the production capacity for printing plates in Finland and in Sweden, which also strengthens the company’s position as the leading printing surface manufacturer for the entire packaging industry in the Nordics. Marvaco is also hiring new staff and investing in production in both countries.

Marvaco Oy
is the leading Nordic company specialising in packaging artwork production and the manufacturing of printing plates. The company operates in six localities in Finland and in Sweden. Marvaco has over 80 repro professionals processing approximately 25,000 packaging materials every year, and the sales volume for the group’s companies is 10.5 million euros. Marvaco is owned by its operating management, key persons, and Canelco Capital, a Finnish capital investor (

MORE INFORMATION: Kai Lankinen, Managing Director, Marvaco Oy, tel. +358 50 427 7616,,

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