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Finnish packaging printing gains recognition in UK

publication date: 2015/04/30

From left the merry men of Sherwood: Marko Hopia (Bemis Valkeakoski), Juha Lähdetkallio (RKW Finland), Tomi Havia (Marvaco), Ville Riitahaara (Westpak) sekä Tapio Alanko (Marvaco). Picture: Paul Brown.

Finnish knowledge of repro and packaging printing was once again recognised in England

The Finnish printing houses focusing on high-quality flexo printing, Oy Westpak Ab, Bemis Valkeakoski Oy, RKW Finland Ltd, and Peltolan Pussi Oy, have together with Marvaco Ltd been widely recognised in the finals of the EFIA 2015 Print Awards. The printing competition was held in Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood, in March. There were 340 flexo printed jobs participating the competiton.

The impressive packaging of ”Kivikylän KunkkuKinkku”, printed by Oy Westpak Ab with flexo, has gained the attention of the packaging industry. The lid material of the packaging won bronze in the challenging category "Use of Flexo in a Combination Print”. The print was implemented via the Marvaco Full HD Flexo technology to achieve a vivid and high-contrast print. In addition, the decoration of the work used foiling by Starcke Oy in an unprecedented manner. Westpak, from the town Säkylä, specialises in top-quality printing combined with modern flexible packaging materials and solutions.

The long-term work of Peltolan Pussi Oy as the producer of outstandingly printed paper bags took bronze in the category "International Flexo Print on Paper”. The print in question was the mellow and elegant bag for Dammenberg chocolates. The jury noticed the utmost fine print quality, implemented with CMYK colours. The Tampere-based Peltolan Pussi Oy produces paper bags for e.g. bakery and confectionery goods, mill products, sweets, and deli products, and they also offer printed reels for mills and bakeries.

Two other impressive print works were also recognised in the competition and they received the “Highly recommended” honourable mention in the ”International Flexo Print on Film” series. One of these was “Karhu beer”, printed by RKW Finland Ltd, and the other “Chorizo Iberico Extra”, printed by Bemis Valkeakoski Oy. What both works have in common is the use of a very high-quality Full HD flexo printing and the production effectivity based on CMYK process colours. RKW Finland Oy specialises in plastic flexible packaging and produces, among other products, packaging film for the beverage industry. Bemis Valkeakoski Oy produces high barrier flexible packaging films and laminates for e.g. meat, fish, cheese, and processed food products.

Finnish flexo printing houses and Marvaco have been ranked among the best packaging printing houses in the world for over ten years. The success in challenging printing competitions is a result of years of broad-minded and uncompromising collaboration for flexo printing quality. What the most successful print works of the last few years have in common is the use of Full HD technology.

Finland is a leader in Full HD technology, as Finnish printing houses have been awarded as many as 10 Full HD Flexo partnership certificates by the Belgian EskoArtwork. Internationally, only 28 printing houses have achieved this partnership certificate of the highest level of quality.

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Tapio Alanko, Customer Service Manager, Marvaco Ltd,
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Tomi Havia Customer Service Manager, Marvaco Oy,
puh. 050 427 7613,

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