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Marvaco reveals EGP Evolution in Drupa

publication date: 2016/05/31

See and experience the photo-like quality, with ultra-high line density, strong colours with low colour volumes, and Expanded Gamut Process printing. The result is an efficient short-run production – with all of the benefits in one!

The theme of the DRUPA 2016 exhibition is "Touch the Future", and in the spirit of this theme, Marvaco will collaborate with the flexographic press manufacturer Soma, who are launching their new OPTIMA2 CI press at the exhibition.

The Soma booth includes a daily demonstration printing that represents a “Petfood” design, where the design, prepress work and plates are produced by Marvaco. This printing shows how some of the most demanding printing motifs and short print jobs can be printed with high speed and in a cost-efficient manner.

The demonstration combines several ground-breaking technologies, with which several PMS tones and challenging designs can be implemented without any spot colours or compromises. In this case, the printing was done with only six process colours and the quality surpasses of both gravure and offset prints.

The implementation includes the Marvaco Full HD Flexo and the Multiscreen FM raster, combined with the Marvaco EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing), to overcome the challenges in this technologically demanding and colourful print:
  • The EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing) Evolution technology for a wide colour space, in which the PMS tones are implemented without using any spot colours and by only using six process colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Green, Violet)
  • Product images with very high line density (100 lpcm / 254 lpi)
  • Very high-density aniloxes (600 lpcm / 1524 lpi)
  • Very low printing ink consumption (2.8ccm / 1.8bcm)
  • High densities (+20%) thanks to Marvaco’s micro surface on the plate
  • A progressive slow process colour technology
  • The Full HD Flexo, combined with the Marvaco Multiscreen FM screen, to produce the limitless fade-outs to 0%.
  • Small, round dots and strong solids in the same colour
  • Printing various artworks at the same time
  • Short jobs run with high-speed printing (400 mpm).
  • The repetition length of the job is only 380 mm – yet, the printing can be done without a bouncing effect
Come to see a live printing and get samples at the Soma booth: Hall 15, A01
Printed samples are also on display and being distributed at the booths of the other Marvaco partners (among others: Esko, Flint, and DuPont).

You can receive more information from: Marko Valkamo, Tomi Havia, Tapio Alanko, Hans Hjort, Leif Backman and Kai Lankinen

Best regards
Your Marvaco Team

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