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An interview with an intern

publication date: 2017/11/23

Beatrice Olsson travelled to Finland for the very first time and started her internship in Marvaco.

Last spring four printing technican students from Brobygrafiska school from Sunne did their internship in Marvaco. The students were located in Sunne and Helsingborg in Sweden and in Helsinki in Finland. During these 3 months the students had the chance to train their skills and to get to know what their possible future job is really about.

We interviewed one of the students, Beatrice Olsson, after her internship.

Tell us who are you and what do you study?
- My name is Beatrice Olsson. I am a student at Brobygrafiska in Sunne, Sweden. Brobygrafiska is a higher vocational institution specializing in the graphics industry. My education program is Prepress Printing Technician within packaging production. It includes an internship through a class called Learning in Work (LIA). This internship gives students an opportunity to use our education and explore various job positions in the industry.

Tell us about the internship.
- I did my 3-month internship at Marvaco in Helsinki, Finland. I applied to Marvaco, because the company is one of the largest, leading-edge packaging prepress and printing plate manufacturer in the Nordic countries. During my internship, I was presented with a wide range of activities and assignments, including attending presentations, working alongside the marketing group, doing mock-ups and photographs. I also attended events like Marvaco InSight, FlexoForum and Flexo ABC and had experience in prepress production. Marvaco gave me a wonderful opportunity to experience different areas of the graphics industry.

Which were the biggest challenges?
- This was my first trip to Finland so I was a bit concerned about the language and every day communication, of course. Also finding the place to live in these 3 months was one of my concerns. Finally it all went well and I found my own apartment and I was also able to use English to communicate. Marvaco made sure I was well supported and able to find my way around. I made many friends at Marvaco and I am thankful for the opportunity they gave me.

What did you learn?
- This internship has helped me to decide what I would like to do in the future. My goal is to work in the graphics industry which I love, where I can grow as a person and be inspired to keep learning.


We would like to thank all the four students. We were very pleased their interest, basic skills, positive attitude and will to learn more. I´m sure that they will find their places among the professionals of the packaging industry after they have ended their studies, says Kai Lankinen, the CEO of Marvaco. 

The cooperation between Marvaco and Brobygrafiska has always been fluent and most of all very valuable for both sides. The experiences gained from the internship are all positive and it is likely that the cooperation of this kind will continue in future, too.

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