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EGP partnership certificate to Elecster

publication date: 2017/11/29

In the photo from left to right Marvaco´s Technical Customer Service Manager Tapio Alanko, Elecster's Production Director Timo Juvonen and Elecster's Print & Film Production Responsible Kimmo Lokkila.

Elecster Oyj, a Finnish supplier of environmentally-friendly milk packaging and manufacturer of aseptic production lines, has received the third EGP partnership certificate in Europe. The certificate was awarded as a recognition for implementing the modern EGP production process.

Elecster has used EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing) in their packaging printing since 2015. With the EGP process, implemented together with Marvaco, Elecster's printing efficiency has increased by over 30%, ink consumption has decreased by 33%, and solvent usage has decreased by 50%, says Timo Juvonen, the Production Director of Elecster. He adds that the positive effect EGP has on environmental impact adds significant value to the process.

In addition to the increased productivity, Elecster has benefited from EGP in other ways. Production is now more flexible, as different products can be printed at the same time and works can be switched quickly, regardless of design, which makes production planning easier. Now even smaller print runs are cost-efficient. In addition, EGP has improved the quality of the prints and enabled new, more diverse printing solutions, says Kimmo Lokkila, who is responsible for the print and film production at Elecster. As a proof of their excellent printing quality, Elecster and their work with Marvaco recently won their respective category in the FlexoTech Print Awards 2017. 

Marvaco Full HD EGP is a repro-plate technology that enables high-quality, efficient and more productive packaging printing with no need for spot colors. In EGP, print and brand colors are implemented with digitally assisted ink blending in a more predictable, precise and clean manner. The CMYK color gamut is enriched e.g. with additional OGV (Orange, Green, Violet) process inks, which doubles the number of color shades compared to the Pantone+ color series.

International brand owners and printing companies are moving on to EGP, or have already partially adopted it. The interest towards EGP continues to increase in Finland, as well. Marvaco is a Finnish pioneer in EGP, implementing the technology together with packaging printing companies in Finland and internationally.

Further information:

Kai Lankinen, CEO
+358 50 427 7616

Timo Juvonen, Production Director
+358 40 713 7728

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