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EGP certificate to Pyroll Tako Carton Plant

publication date: 2018/04/27

In the picture: Vili Siikakoski (Tako Carton Plant), Tomi Havia (Marvaco) and Jussi Timo, Jani Markkanen and Jari Tahkokorpi (Tako Carton Plant)

In April 2018, Pyroll Tako Carton Plant Ltd received Europe's first EGP partnership for offset printing. The certificate was awarded by Marvaco, the pioneer in EGP technology, as a recognition for Pyroll's successful adoption of Expanded Gamut Printing in offset printing on packaging carton.

The Pyroll Tako Carton Plant uses EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing) in its recently-purchased offset printing machine. With the EGP process implemented together with Marvaco, the quality and visuals of packaging printing are improved. The technology is also significant for reducing the environmental load of printing.

The flexibility of printing production has increased, and setup has become faster, says Jussi Timo, the unit manager at Tako Carton Plant. He adds that EGP has both improved the print quality and offered an opportunity to make more complex prints, thanks to the increase in available color shades, as well as gang printing, among other qualities.

EGP is a repro technology where digitally-assisted ink blending helps implement prints with more predictable, more precise, and cleaner colors. In the color separation, the traditional CMYK color gamut is enriched e.g. with additional OGV (Orange, Green, Violet) process inks, which doubles the number of color shades compared to the Pantone+ color series.

International brand owners are moving on to EGP in their packaging projects. The interest towards greener EGP continues to increase in Finland, as well. Marvaco is a Finnish pioneer in EGP, and together with Tako Carton Plant, they will promote and develop the technology both in Finland and internationally. Many printing machine manufacturers have raised the expanded color gamut technology as the most significant current development.

Pyroll is one of the Nordic region's leading converters of paper, cardboard, carton, and plastics. Pyroll Group is a Finnish privately-owned family business. Industrial Counsellor Reino Uusitalo founded Pyroll in 1973, and the group has grown determinedly ever since. Currently, the group operates in 13 locations in Finland, as well as in Poland, the Netherlands and Germany. It employs over 600 people, and its turnover is approximately 110 million euros. The group participates in the UN Global Compact program seeking to actively develop environmentally and socially responsible operations.

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