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Marvaco InSight -seminar in Helsinki

publication date: 2018/09/14

The fourth Marvaco InSight seminar, aimed at brand owners in the packaging industry, was organised in Helsinki with over 120 participants from 40 different brands. This year, the seminar was titled Expanded personality of brand packaging and the main focus was on the role of digitalization and personalization for brand packaging. This year’s invited main speakers were Scott Ellison (CSW Graphics Inc., US), who talked about a large scale packaging launch with EGP technique and Irene Quah (HP-Indigo, NL) who spoke on the possibilities of digitalization for packages. The event was opened by Antti Mikkilä and Kai Lankinen from Marvaco.

The first guest speaker Scott Ellison (CSW Graphics Inc., US) talked about the meaning of a successful packaging launch by presenting a fascinating Nestlé Waters case example. The procedures, the amount of material and the speed of production made the audience gasp in amazement. Ellison pointed out that it is important to invest on the things that happen before the actual launch: auditing the printing presses, determining the quality standards and making consumer tests. What is remarkable to the Nestlé Waters case is that the brand took an active role in taking care of the brand unity and quality by requiring the printing presses to use a certain printing technique. In this case the chosen technique, EGP (Expanded gamut printing), enabled a more cost-effective and more ecological printing that suited the new visuality of the package. The audience was especially interested in discussing the differences between the procedures of the United States and Finland.

Next up was a series of short presentations about the digital possibilities for offset-, flexo and corrugated printing. Jussi Timo (Takon kotelotehdas), Jonas Skuthälla (Westpak) and Jyri West (Adara pakkaus) presented a variety of solutions for different packaging materials. Kai Lankinen spoke about the precise color correspondence of the EGP flexo.

After lunch Scott Ellison presented Amazon’s automatized 3D-rendering and Toni Marttila (Arilyn) told about AR, augmented reality, solutions and what they may offer for packaging industry. Samuli Manninen (Magic Add Oy) had a short presentation about the Internet of packaging – the intelligent back-end solution for high volume code management. As online trade increases both internationally and domestically, the dialogue between companies and consumers will change and have an increased role. With the new digital solutions and services brands can add value to their packaging and answer to the changing needs of consumers at the same time. Kai Lankinen presented EGP as a greener alternative of a printing method. It awakened good discussion about using ’greenery’ as a marketing statement.

The second main speaker of the day was Irene Quah (HP-Indigo, NL). Quah went through a series of great examples of digital personalization as a part of packaging campaigning. The new techniques enable us to personalize not just text but images too.

The Marvaco InSight events are reviews of the packaging industry’s core elements, directed at Marvaco’s current and future partners. This year, the event was organised for the fifth time.

Would you like to hear more?
You can get more information about the event from Mirva Koskinen.

Keywords: Packaging, Printing, Expanded Gamut, Extended Gamut, Brand Packaging, EGP, Flexo, Marketing, Augmented Reality, Internet of Packaging, Flexo, McoInSight, CMYKOGV
Tags: #HiQ_EGP #Flexo #Packaging #EGP #AR #IoP #MCOInSight
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