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Marvaco and partners recognised in FlexoTech Awards

publication date: 2018/10/11

In the picture from left: Vesa Mäkilä from Westpak and Hannes Natka with Kimmo Lokkila from Elecster.

Together with its partners Marvaco received recognition in the distinguished FlexoTech Awards on the 10th of October 2018. Although the brightest medals were handed down to other contestants, the high-quality packaging printings of Marvaco and partners were awarded with regnitions of excellence.

At the FlexoTech Awards -the best of the best of hundreds of packaging printing samples are awarded every year. This year Marvaco took part in the competition as a packaging prepress with four individual jobs. The nominations were given to Elecster's Alma Kefiir 2.5 & 1 litre in the flexible packaging series (Wide Web 1000+mm) and Westpak's Leader Food's Chef's Lactose Free Cocoa Drink Powder, also in flexible packaging series (Narrow Web up to 800mm).

Both the prints were made with Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) process color technique that uses full HD resolution together with a color gamut that is enriched with additional OGV (Orange, Green, Violet) inks when needed. This method more than doubles the number of color shades compared to the Pantone+ color series and allows clean implementation of even the brightest shades.

EGP-printed packages' high quality is likely to receive recognition in international competitions. In addition to the high quality, EGP process ensures more efficient and sustainable printing process, which reduces solvents and saves ink and materials. Expanded Gamut Printing technique guarantees controlled process, where brand colors are repeated equally bright and precise from batch to batch.

Last year both Westpak and Elecster won the gold prizes in their series and Westpak's job was nominated the best printing in the whole competition.

Westpak Oy Ab is a packaging printing company that sells and manufactures flexible packaging materials primaly to the food industry.

Elecster is the leading company in the world as a system supplier for UHT lines, Aseptic Pouch Filling Machines and ecological Pouch Packaging Materials.

Marvaco Oy is the biggest flexo plate producer and leading packaging prepress company in the Nordic countries.

More information:

Tapio Alanko, Customer Service Manager, Marvaco Oy, puh. 043 824 3081

Tomi Havia, Customer Service Manager, Marvaco Oy, puh. 050 427 7613

Kai Lankinen, Partner, Marvaco Oy, puh. 050 4277 616

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