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New appointments in Marvaco Finland

publication date: 2020/03/06

New appointments at Marvaco Finland.

Esa Ala-Nikkola (55) has been appointed as Technical Sales Manager for Marvaco Finland. Esa has 30 years of experience in printing technologies for the packaging industry, and he already has established relations to our customers, so introduction to Marvaco’s business smoothly gets off to a good start. He will immediately start as colleague of Harri Poukka. Esa holds wide experience in printing inks and technologies related to the printing process, and he also knows flexo and offset printing. Customer-specific planning has begun and will be announced to parties thereof in the coming weeks.

Vesa Maukonen (44) has been appointed as Site Leader of Ulvila unit. Vesa is a printing professional with over 20 years of experience in printing, process management and color management. He comes to our organization from Amcor and brings with him expertise in process, quality and safety development at our Ulvila unit. Vesa will officially start on June 1st, but according to our goal, he will become familiar with Ulvila personnel and operations during the spring, in addition to his current tasks at Amcor.

Tapio Alanko (52) will resign from his current position in Marvaco in mid-March. He will go on to run a project that has been on the planning table for years, to be announced later in the spring. His contribution to the current scale of Marvaco's business has been significant, and his active personality has been widely recognized in our industry. Under Tapio's management, we have developed customer-centric operating models and improved our technical quality with many of our customers. For us, leaving Tapio is accompanied by a lot of good memories. During these years in Marvaco he has been known as enthusiastic and committed personality. Tapio himself wants to remind everyone: "Marvaco's top talents, reinforced with new professionals for sales and management at Ulvila, has assured that I can take on new challenges now." We have agreed that Tapio will support Esa and Harri in transferring customer-specific information to new hands during the spring. We want to thank Tapio for his contribution of over 10 years at Marvaco!

We are delighted to have new top professionals in the Marvaco team. Esa says he is full of enthusiasm for developing customer solutions at Marvaco. Vesa says he is happy to take on a new challenge "I am still committed to taking Amcor Kauttua project into an end, but then begins the development with Ulvila people." And final word for Tapio Alanko: Congratulations on your new project!

Marvaco is the leading packaging repro company and #1 flexo plate supplier in the Nordic region. Our 90 professionals process up to 30,000 pieces of packaging artwork every year. Our services cover all packaging materials and printing methods.We also offer artwork versioning and printing management services for brand owners.

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