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GPN keeps expanding again

publication date: 2020/04/30

The Global Premedia Network (GPN), which continues to expand its international brand stewardship, is proud to announce Indonesian PT. Flexo Plate Digital and Argentinean Fotograbados Longo S.A. as its new strategic partners.  At this point, the GPN consists of eight independent and strategically connected companies aiming to establish mutually beneficial collaboration in order to provide superior packaging premedia services to their FMCG clients worldwide.

“We are excited to join such a great group of forward-thinking companies. There is already a fantastic level of synergy between us and some of the GPN members and we are hoping to expand our collaboration with the rest of the network,” stated Sebastian LongoPresident and Managing Director of Argentinian based Fotograbados Longo S.A

Laura WrightCEO of CSW, Inc., and Kai Lankinen, MARVACO’s Chairman, agree and echo Longo’s enthusiasm. “As relationships between our companies has developed, we’ve realized that, despite the geographic distance between us, we all share the same values, ethics, and business practices,” said Wright. “Over the past 80 years, Fotograbados Longo S.A. has gained an impressive reputation in the flexo industry, not only as a technical innovator, but also as a vendor who goes above and beyond to meet the needs and expectations of their clients,” added Lankinen. 

Fotograbados Longo S.A. is located near Buenos Aires and is a premium premedia provider for the packaging industry. Like other GPN partners, they offer a full range of products and services from the package concept to the point of sale. The company focuses on customized solutions for brand owners and converters through state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified premedia experts. Fotograbados Longo is also an active member of many industry associations including the American Flexographic Technical Association and the printing and packaging global think tank; Idealliance. 

Clicheria Blumenau’s CEO Volei Oliveira comments, “We’re delighted to see another South American member joining our ranks. This is a great opportunity for both of our companies to cooperate locally and strengthen the GPN presence on our continent.”

Also joining the GPN today is PT. Flexo Plate Digital from Jakarta. They are the largest premedia provider in Indonesia and over the years have demonstrated consistent commitment to deliver high quality services and a strong technical foundation in packaging. Eric Oh, PT. Flexo Plate Digital’s owner and CEO, who holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, has been helping local converters and international brand owners to navigate difficult packaging development cycles in the Asian market. From creative design to converting tooling and press assistance, PT. Flexo Plate Digital continues to be an innovative leader in helping brands to improve their consistency and shorten their time to market. 

“By joining forces with the GPN, we can now access an expanded universe of resources and perspectives created by our partners from all over the world. In return, we share our unique knowledge of the Asian market,” stated Eric Oh“The benefits of working together in such a globally-aligned network are absolutely phenomenal on so many different levels.”

“We are excited to expand our offering by partnering with PT. Flexo Plate Digital in the Oceania, SE Asia region,” stated Peter Alison, Marketing and Innovation Director of Brandpack, Australian based premedia company, which also serves customers in these areas. “By collaborating with all of our global partners, we are now able to deliver an unprecedented level of services to FMCG clients on six continents.”

Premedia providers, American CSW, Inc., and European MARVACO Ltd., launched the Global Premedia Network (GPN) in September of 2019 to offer brand owners an alternative option for managing and procuring high quality and consistent packaging premedia services and tooling for multiple print categories around the world.  Since then, the network has expanded its global reach by partnering with innovative prepress leaders from Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, and Asia. 

Poised to grow further, the GPN will retain its focus on global coordination of its premedia services and local assistance to international brand owners. “We live in a remarkable age of global interdependence. The world is becoming more interconnected and the reality of FMCG worldwide procurement requires the collaboration of packaging vendors on an unprecedented level. Access to comprehensive premedia services is no longer limited by geographic location or the size of one single premedia company,” concluded GPN Coordinator and CSW’s Technical Director Marek Skrzynski.

Global Premedia Network (GPN) offers brand owners a new option for managing and procuring high quality and consistent packaging pre-media services and tooling for multiple print categories around the world. The network consists of strategically located manufacturing and field service partners on every continent except Antarctica.

PT. Flexo Plate Digital is the largest supplier of digital flexographic plates in Indonesia, servicing both print converters and major FMCG brands with a variety of products and advanced technology solutions. Contact: Eric Oh, CEO • +62 (21) 591-8625 

Fotograbados Longo (LONGO), is the leading, Argentinean packaging premedia provider. With its comprehensive premedia solution, extending across the entire Southern Cone of LATAM, the company is well known for its progressive thinking and outstanding client support. Family-owned and operated for over 80 years, LONGO is trusted by both international brands and local packaging converters. Contact: Sebastian Longo, President & Managing Director • +54 1142223549 • 

CSW works with printers and brand owners to make brand packaging more efficient and impactful. Family-owned since 1937, they provide packaging pre-media services such as production art, mockups, 3D rendering, EG color separations, and HD flexo platemaking from production facilities across North America. Contact: Laura Wright, CEO • +1-800-800-9522 •

Marvaco is the leading packaging premedia company and flexo plate supplier in the Nordic region. The company is the premier EGP supplier in Europe and their services cover the full range of artwork management for brands and line extension creation across all packaging materials and printing methods. MARVACO Ltd. operates in Finland, Sweden and Germany at eight locations in total. Contact: Kai Lankinen, Chairman • +358-(0)50-427-7616 •

Clicheria Blumenau has 40 years of experience in the graphics industry and throughout its history has been a pioneer of technical innovation. They are adept at recognizing and responding to market trends to best meet the needs of their customers. With cutting-edge technology, qualified professionals and coverage throughout Latin America, Clicheria Blumenau provides control and process management in a practical, flexible and safe way. Contact: Volnei Antonio Alves de Oliveira, CEO • +55 (47) 3144-4144 

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