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GPN grows in Germany and Croatia

publication date: 2020/06/22

GPN welcomes new parters to Global Premedia Network

Continuing its mission to become the most globally effective and technically advanced network of packaging premedia providers, the Global Premedia Network (GPN) is pleased to announce new strategic partnerships with two European premedia companies: U. Günther GmbH from Germany and Kliše-Kop Ltd. from Croatia.  

The GPN and its international partners offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class premedia solutions, customized for global FMCG organizations that are looking to decrease their packaging development cycle, reduce overall cost, and secure their brand consistency. Today’s announcement is a continuation of the initiative started a year ago by the American premedia provider, CSW, Inc., and the Scandinavian premedia provider, MARVACO Ltd.

Since its inception, the GPN had rapidly expanded onto six continents and currently includes thirty-three highly advanced premedia manufacturing facilities. “Our goal is to drive growth, accelerate innovation and provide the speed to market demanded by brand owners worldwide,”noted Kai Lankinen, MARVACO’s Executive Partner. 

Together, the GPN’s members plan to deliver an unprecedented level of end-to-end premedia services by combining individual capabilities, leveraging their complementary knowledge, and taking advantage of their strategically located service facilities. “With the current global health crisis reminding us of how highly interdependent the world is, we continue to expand the GPN’s network in order to better respond to the current and future needs of FMCGs procuring packaging globally,” noted Laura Wright, the CEO of CSW, Inc. “Various manufacturing, shipping and travel restrictions related to the pandemic have brought the need for global collaboration to the forefront,” Kai Lankinen added. 

"This strategic partnership is aligned well with our core values and long-term company strategy. We believe that our complementary knowledge and in-depth relationships with local packaging converters will allow us to provide our current and future customers with greater international coverage and improve brand consistency across the border,” commented Peter Tarnowski, U. Günther’s CEO, whose company generates twenty-five percent of its revenue by working with international clients. He continued, “We appreciate that all GPN members are in agreement to support each other in multi-layered technical, sales and marketing efforts that include joint research and development, collaboration in emerging markets, networking and sharing of best practices with our converting partners.”

“We are excited to work in cooperation to grow our businesses and accelerate joint innovations. This network has the potential to reshape the current status-quo of global premedia services and to transform the way international are procuring services and tooling,” said Tomislav Maglić, CEO of Croatian Kliše-Kop. “We are planning on future growth so, the opportunity to collaborate with global partners will not only expand our exposure to foreign markets but will also help us to learn how to better serve our domestic clients", noted Roman Šoić, Kliše-Kop Commercial Director.

“Our initial goal was to find strategic partners on six continents. After achieving this, we are now focused on fine-tuning our strategy for future growth, developing technical, marketing and sales objectives, as well as continuing to identify potential new candidates who would be able to further expand our geographical service coverage. GPN customers are looking for global coordination with strong local responsiveness...” stated Marek Skrzynski, CSW’s Technical Director and network coordinator “...and we are planning to exceed their expectations.”

Global Premedia Network (GPN) offers brand owners and their converters a new option for managing and procuring high quality and consistent packaging pre-media services and tooling for multiple print categories around the world. Since its inception in 2019, the network has expanded to 10 strategically located manufacturing partners on every continent except Antarctica.
Contact: Marek Skrzynski, Network Coordinator • +1 413 589-3369 • 

ABOUT U. Günther GmbH
Established in 1968, this family-owned and Hamburg based firm currently employs around 125 people. The company’s portfolio covers all stages of the packaging development cycle from consulting through the design, artwork extensions, mock-ups, color management, workflow optimization/automation, platemaking and print production assistance. Twenty-five percent of U. Günther’s turnover is generated with international clients, with business not confined just to Germany’s immediate neighbors but as far as Greece, Israel, North Africa and Turkey.
Contact: Stefan Schneider, Sales Coordinator • +49 162 2717772 •

ABOUT Kliše-Kop Ltd.
Founded in 1984, Kliše-Kop was the first privately owned company producing photopolymer printing plates in the Adriatic region. From its inception, the company pursued technological innovation and investment in the most advanced premedia systems. Today, with two manufacturing locations, Kliše-Kop is considered as one of the leaders in their segment and continues to expand its business well beyond regional boundaries.
Contact: Roman Šoić, Commercial Director • +38 5 1 3370 034 •  

CSW works with printers and brand owners to make brand packaging more efficient and impactful. Family-owned since 1937, they provide packaging pre-media services such as production art, mockups, 3D rendering, EG color separations, and HD flexo platemaking from production facilities across North America. Contact: Laura Wright, CEO • +1-800-800-9522 •

Marvaco is the leading packaging premedia company and flexo plate supplier in the Nordic region. The company is the premier EGP supplier in Europe and their services cover the full range of artwork management for brands and line extension creation across all packaging materials and printing methods. MARVACO Ltd. operates in Finland, Sweden and Germany at eight locations in total. Contact: Kai Lankinen, Partner • +358-(0)50-427-7616 •

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