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GPN expands in the Middle East

publication date: 2020/08/24

Global Premedia Network announces new partnership in the Middle East

The Global Premedia Network (GPN) is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with innovative packaging premedia provider NDigitec, which operates from locations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. 

With its robust and highly diversified portfolio NDigitec has become the region’s premedia and production powerhouse with a deep understanding of the packaging market and broad international coverage to support their clients across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. 

“NDigitec is perhaps the largest and most innovative premedia provider in the Gulf Region, servicing over 400 international customers,” said Vatche Kavlakian, NDigitec CEO. “Since our inception, we have been following the same business philosophy that ‘A Promise is a Promise’, and our teams work around the clock to ensure that we always deliver what we’ve committed to. This is one of many common values which we share with the GPN partners,” he added.

The GPN offers a unique in scale and capacity network of globally coordinated and locally rooted packaging premedia providers. With over 35 manufacturing facilities on 6 continents and a tremendous pool of experienced industry talent, the GPN offers brand owners a new option for managing high quality and consistent premedia services globally.

“Synergy and collaboration between our members are critical to our shared success. With an advanced partner like NDigitec, the GPN’s clients will have even more options for rapid local response and seamless transfer of premedia services in fast-growing markets,” noted Kai Lankinen, MARVACO’s Executive Partner. “We’ve been searching for a partner in this geographical region and are thrilled that NDigitec is joining us today," he added.

This announcement signifies the continued growth of an unparalleled global initiative started a year ago by the two premedia providers; American CSW, Inc., and North European MARVACO Ltd.  The Global Premedia Network partners have created a new model to better serve international FMCGs by uniting and technically-aligning multiple international members. The GPN is a platform for its partners to grow their business, develop new capabilities, and deliver consistent end-customer experiences.

"This partnership aligns our company vision with GPN’s strategy on so many fronts and ultimately will further help our mutual customers to make better procurement decisions and shorten their time to market on a truly global scale," stated Shahe Kavlakian, NDigitec Executive Manager. “It’s our utmost pleasure to be a part of this network and to be able to combine our expertise and services for the benefit of all stakeholders,” he added.

The world is constantly evolving and so are the needs of international FMCGs, which expect a streamlined packaging cycle, flexible scheduling, and scalable capacity. Today’s brand owners are looking for global coordination and local technical support to ensure that their brand specifications are met in the field, everywhere they engage in packaging procurement. 

“A single premedia company, no matter how big, is no longer able to provide cost-effective and timely services at such scale. There is a need for a new model of premedia provider which still plays a central role in their customer's packaging journey but at the same time is able to seamlessly collaborate with others beyond regional or national boundaries. At the GPN, we’re making this leap together, embracing and investing in our individual infrastructures and our shared capabilities. NDigitec is a great example of a forward-thinking premedia company and we are honored to be associated with them”, concluded Laura Wright, CSW’s CEO.

Global Premedia Network (GPN) offers brand owners and their converters a new option for managing and procuring high quality and consistent packaging pre-media services and tooling for multiple print categories around the world. Since its inception in 2019, the network has expanded to 11 strategically located manufacturing partners on every continent except Antarctica. Contact: Marek Skrzynski, Network Coordinator • (+1) 413-589-3369 • 

NDigitec is an innovative packaging premedia, digital printing, and creative technologies company, which support international brands and packaging converters from their locations in the Gulf Region. Established in 2005, NDigitec achieved incredible growth and continue expanding its service with further workflow automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and big data analytics. Contact: Vatche Kavlakian, CEO • (+971) 4-4355919 •

CSW works with printers and brand owners to make brand packaging more efficient and impactful. Family-owned since 1937, they provide packaging premedia services such as production art, 3D visualization services, EG color separations, and HD flexo platemaking from production facilities across North America. Contact: Laura Wright, CEO • (+1) 800-800-9522 • 

MARVACO is the leading packaging premedia company and flexo plate supplier in the Nordic region. The company is the leading EGP supplier in Europe and its services cover the full range of brand business artwork management and line extension creation to all packaging materials and printing methods. Marvaco Group operates in Finland, Sweden, and Germany at seven locations in total. Contact: Kai Lankinen, Executive Partner • +358-(0)50-427-7616 •

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