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Our steps towards carbon-neutral production

publication date: 2021/05/25

Marvaco to new facilities with new technology – a major step towards carbon-neutral production 

Marvaco’s prepress unit in Ulvila, Finland, saw the greatest change in its history when its plate and DTP production moved to new and eco-efficient premises. This change involves four main goals: increasing overall productivity, significantly reducing the company’s carbon footprint, improving occupational health and safety and making the working environment more pleasant.

The relocation took place in May in a way that allowed the operations to continue with almost no interruptions. The development work resulted in the industry’s most modern production facilities in the Nordic region. In these facilities, dust control and the reduction of diffuse emissions have been taken into account even better than before. In addition, the new production facilities are in the city of Pori at a logistically sound location, which ensures excellent connections to other parts of Finland and quick 24-hour deliveries to Europe.

Currently, every company is seeking solutions that take them towards carbon-neutral production. Marvaco’s change of facilities is also based on the will to develop environmentally sustainable products and services. The key requirement for the new premises was that they should reduce the company’s carbon footprint significantly. The goal can be achieved through energy-conserving building engineering and geothermal heating and cooling. In addition to these, the operations also use electricity from renewable sources.

At the same time, Marvaco is also investing heavily in new production technologies. During this year, the company is investing in a new and eco-efficient flexo plate manufacturing technology, as well as the newest-generation screening technology that both offer our clients higher-quality and more environmentally-friendly printing results. 

As a company, we believe in success through cooperation with our clients and suppliers in the industry. Through our long-term investment programme, we are continuing our development work as a pioneer of the printing industry and the leading packaging prepress partner in the Nordic region. Marvaco Group is currently operating in Finland, Sweden, and Germany.

More information:
Antti Mikkilä, CEO
Vesa Maukonen, Manager, Pori unit

MARVACO is the leading packaging premedia company and flexo plate supplier in the Nordic region. The company is the leading EGP supplier in Europe, and its services cover the full range of brand business artwork management and line extension creation to all packaging materials and printing methods. Marvaco Group operates in Finland, Sweden, and Germany at seven locations in total.

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