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RKW Finland Prints Sustainable Brand Packaging

publication date: 2021/09/28

RKW Finland is an award-winning packaging pioneer in the field of greener printing

Packaging production is under pressure. Modern packaging should be visually appealing, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly. This sounds like an impossible mission, but pioneers make it possible. RKW Finland is a pioneer in developing amazing packaging that is also eco-efficient.

Sales Manager Kristiina Laurila from RKW Finland explains: “In our production, high quality, economy and environmental sustainability go hand in hand, in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. It takes both time and investment, not just in processes and machines, but also in research and development. Being a pioneer means putting a lot of time and effort, even after almost 20 years of using process printing methods, into convincing customers to change the traditional way of working and to break new ground. The change from spot color printing to process printing has often taken longer than expected but is still rewarding. A good example is the pioneering work in expanded gamut printing, EGP™, to make beverage shrink-wrapping more appealing and eco-efficient.”

As a concrete example of an eco-efficient process with visually appealing results, RKW Finland has once again reached the final of a printing competition. This time, the high-quality result achieved with EGP on the Heineken eight-pack wrapping convinced the jury of the FlexoTech International Innovation and Print Awards 2021, the award ceremony of which will take place on 13 October in London.

The renewed shrink film packaging of the Heineken eight-pack required special attention to the environmental friendliness of printing and minimizing its carbon footprint. The group pack of cans was printed using the EGP method, which has reduced the substrate waste, minimized the number of colors and reduced the amount of chemicals used in the printing process. 

Brand Manager Pekko Koski from Hartwall is responsible for the Heineken brand in Finland and welcomes the results of collaborative development: “We would be delighted if all printers could follow this trend and produce appealing packaging with a more eco-efficient process that goes even beyond the packaging materials, as our long-term cooperation with RKW Finland has shown.”

RKW Finland has been one of the first to develop and apply the EGP method by Marvaco, the European pioneer of this technology. RKW Finland Oy’s flexographic printing quality has won awards over 10 times together with Marvaco, in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021. The company also received the EGP™ certificate from Marvaco in 2018.

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More information:

Kristiina Laurila, Sales Manager, RKW Finland Oy
Mobile: +358-40-059 7091, E-Mail: 

Harri Poukka, Sales Manager, Marvaco Oy
Mobile: +358-40-900 9095, E-mail:

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