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Excellence in Flexography Awards 2022

publication date: 2022/03/30

Success in FTA 2022 Awards for Marvaco`s clients

Seven print jobs from five Nordic packaging printers supplied by Marvaco Ltd were awarded in Texas, USA. Optipack, HQ Print, Westpak, Peltolan Pussi and Pyrollpack Lempäälä working with Marvaco were successful in the packaging printing competition FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards 2022.

The FTA Awards are considered the world’s most demanding flexographic printing competition, recognizing the best flexographic printers each year. The nominations for the finals are selected by the experienced jury from hundreds of print samples, which resulted in two gold medals, two silver medals and three bronze medals for Marvaco’s customers this year.

The jury gave special recognition to the awarded prints of the branded packaging from Scan, Myllyn Paras, Linkosuo, Risenta and Sørlands Chips, as the prints had a wide tonal range and the colors were consistent even on difficult substrates. The judges also appreciated the smooth gradations and high sharpness with clean and consistent dots and screens. Six of the jobs were printed on paper using water-based inks and one on plastic using solvent-based inks. 

What these prints had in common was that the packaging was printed with process colors, many of them even with Expanded Gamut Printing, EGP. In order to reach the final and be awarded in this competition, a very high print quality is required, which is also typical for EGP. The EGP method is widely used by several printers and brand owners in the Nordic countries due to its efficiency and better sustainability compared to traditional printing with spot colors.

Mikael Stranne, Sales Manager Scandinavia at Marvaco says: “Together with these printers and the ink suppliers we have developed this technology where more colorful printing is done with less ink and with a better environmental impact. We are very happy about these recognitions of our cooperation.”

Kai Lankinen, Partner at Marvaco has worked for a long time with EGP™ and states: “Printing with EGP and being successful in printing competitions with these printers has a long tradition. This competition is the most demanding and this recognition proves that Nordic flexo printing quality is at the top of the world. It’s not just the quality, we’re happy to state that EGP printing is also more sustainable and widely utilized among brand owners.”

More information about the competition and get familiar with the companies: 

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