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EGP partnerisertifikaatti Sun Chemicalille

julkaisuajankohta: 03.05.2022

In the picture (from Left): Antti Uski from Sun Chemical, Harri Poukka form Marvaco and Mika Räikkönen from Sun Chemical with the brand-new EGP certificate

Sun Chemical was awarded an Expanded Gamut Printing partnership certificate in recognition of its implementation of offset and flexo inks on packaging board, fiber-based and plastic materials. The certificate was awarded by Marvaco, the pioneer in EGP™ technology.

Sun Chemical has many years of experience in delivering EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing) inks for flexography and offset printing. Marvaco and Sun Chemical have collaborated to apply multicolor process printing to many printing houses on a wide variety of substrates, including both water-based and solvent-based flexo and offset inks.

The cooperation has continued for many years and the printers are very satisfied with the results. Printers have seen the improvement in efficiency and sustainability when moving from traditional spot color printing to expanded gamut printing. This also helps brand owners in achieving their goals of carbon neutrality. In a project with a brand owner over 6 months, the results showed an overall 23% reduction in the CO2 footprint of printing.

With the new EGP inks, packaging can be made more colorful, the printing process more flexible and makeready times shorter. EGP also reduces the environmental load of printing by reducing waste and solvent consumption and using inks more effectively.

Pasi Saarivirta, Sales Manager at Sun Chemical Finland says: “Over the years we have had many successful packaging printing projects with Marvaco. Customers who started using EGP technology had no problem implementing the method and eliminating spot color jobs. The methodology offers our printing partners and brand owners clear benefits in achieving carbon neutrality goals.”

Kai Lankinen, Partner at Marvaco has long experience in printing and says: “EGP™ is a clever way to eliminate manually mixed spot colors through digital color separation. The standardized inks of expanded gamut with OGV process colors (Orange, Green, Violet) result in vibrant and colorful packaging in a more predictable and precise manner.” He continues: “The Nordic region has a long tradition in EGP™ and the collaboration between Marvaco, printers, ink suppliers and brand owners enable more eco-efficient packaging printing.”

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